Blueprint:  (noun)  A process of photographic printing, used chiefly in the 19th century for reproducing architectural house plans or mechanical drawings which produces a white line on a blue background.


House plan drawn for Sadler Company, Greenville, SC

Ease of Process is the key to getting to the finish line with a great house plan that you love AND keeping your sanity thoughout its' development.





INTEGRITY Residential Drafting & Design is the house plan service you have been looking for. 


After working with hundreds of customers, I know getting your house plan, addition, or remodel ideas from your brain onto paper can be difficult.  Let INTEGRITY RD&D help you extract those ideas, so they can be assembled into a tangible reality.






The 3 Step Process of Plan Development.  

At INTEGRITY RD&D I have developed a system to help you easily and concisely communicate your thoughts & ideas so that then I can assemble them and create a house plan composite.   From there it is just a matter of molding and shaping.

Check out the "OVERWHELMED?" button above to see more fully how the process works.


House plan drawn for Matt Davis Custom Homes, Peoria, IL

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Sadler Constructed home, right side

Sadler home, right side