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I love what I do.

I'm an accomplished artist with strong Math skills and a good sense of spatial recognition.  In 2000 I took an opportunity to apprentice with a highly respected, established residential designer of 30 years.  It was a perfect fit and an ideal way to combine my skill set with the area of residential design.  How many people get that? Getting to do what you love AND getting paid to do it!


I've found my niche'. 

With 15 years experience and 1500+ house plans under my belt, I've found something I'm really good at.  I've also won the respect of code officials and builders alike with my thorough approach to drawing plans.  When people ask me what I do, I tell them, I build houses . . . on paper.  I understand the importance of keeping "things real" in the design of a home.  Drawing a plan that is too expensive to build doesn't make sense, yet that is what you get when the builder(designer) doesn't keep costs at the forefront of his mind throughout the process.  


My name is Brad Booth, and I am the owner operator of INTEGRITY RD&D home based in Greenville, SC.  I offer a comprehensive CAD generated drafting & design business specializing in drawing plans for custom homes, home additions & remodels.  Whether you are an established custom home builder or a “newbie” to the plan/design process, I can help you.  With 24 years of experience drawing 3000+ house plans, additions & remodels, I will do my best to make the process quick and affordable.  Whether you have a well-developed concept or just a shopping list of “wants” I can guide you from the point of “rough ideas” to a finished plan that will be your very own one-of-a-kind design that meets your needs and specifications.  In addition, at the completion of the plan process you will actually own the finished plan and be provided with an electronic copy (pdf) so that you can print as many copies as you need when you need them all at no extra charge to you.  Since you want everything to be “just right” shouldn’t you be the one in charge who makes the decisions for your project?  With INTEGRITY RD&D YOU are in the driver’s seat of your home improvement project.



Doug & Star of Seneca, SC

Our experience with INTEGRITY Residential Drafting & Design:  "Brad was a pleasure to work with, and even though he asked that I include the negative with the positive, I don't have anything negative to say.  He responded quickly, was clear and easy to get in contact with.  During our initial meeting, he broke down exactly how the process would work, and what the cost would be.  He provided samples of his work, and set the expectation for when I could expect the first draft.  The process then went exactly as he stated it would.  I would recommend Brad to anyone who is looking for custom plans!"

Sonny Patrick and Valerie Foote, Greenville, SC

We want to take the time to thank Brad for making the process of our remodel so much better than we anticipated.  We were so pleased with Brad’s residential design services.  We cannot think of anything negative to say about working with him. He listened to what we wanted and made suggestions that improved our plans.


When we decided to do an 80% redesign of the interior and an addition to our 1980’s house, we knew we would need help. Brad came in and first developed plans for our existing home.  From there, with Brad’s guidance, we were able to realistically look at the most efficient and cost effective way to make the changes we wanted. Since we are in our 50s we also wanted to make modifications that would allow us to age in place. With Brad’s plans we were able to approach multiple contractors with a uniform understanding of what we wanted.  The result was a remodel that looked cohesive and improved the flow of our home. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing residential design services.


Valerie is allowing me to give out her phone number upon request.


Scott Wolf  -Owner-  Compass Homes, Inc. Greenville, SC

"As you know, a transition to a new design firm is tough because of the level of trust and the consistent need for understanding in the design phase of a project.  I reluctantly decided to make the move and begin working with you earlier this year and “take the plunge”, after my last design firm moved out of the area.  I am not the easiest person to work with and can be demanding at times with multiple projects going.  I need quick turn around and I also need someone to come along side me in the design phase, see the vision and move the vision to paper.  You have been able to do this and I greatly appreciate it.  My projects can be quirky and I think outside the box which means it takes additional communication and understanding and you have handled that well.  Brad, thanks for taking on my work and taking the time to understand our company and joining with us to make us successful."

We look forward to many  projects in the future and many happy clients!

Marvin & Trish of Greer, SC

"This is the first time I have used INTEGRITY Residential Drafting & Design to draw house plans.  I am extremely pleased that we used this drafting service.  Brad was able to come and meet with us soon after our initial contact.  If there was a conflict on his end so that we couldn't get together for one of our meetings, I promptly heard by phone or email.  He was very professional, very easy to work with and had a lot of good ideas.  I am very thankful to have met him and have him design our home.  I will be passing his name on to others."

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