"Price is what you pay,

Value is what you get."

Quote by Warren Buffet - "The

most successful investor in the world" and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

My pricing is VERY reasonable.

With INTEGRITY Residential Drafting & Design you get CUSTOM plans at sensible prices!!

If you've done any pricing of CUSTOM house plans, you know they can be very expensive.  An architect will typically charge 5% to 20% of the project cost. Let's see, what's 5% of $300,000.  $15,000.00???  OUCH!!!

Price is a component of Value, but does not necessarily determine value.

We have all payed an "excessive" price for something, only to find it could not deliver the perceived expectations.  That is NOT what you want!


You want to pay a reasonable price

AND get a value that reflects quality and excellence.

In other words, you want the value to EXCEED the price.

That is what I strive to accomplish at INTEGRITY RD&D.

The Basic Concept of plan pricing for
New Construction

The process for a new construction can be a daunting task.  Because of that I provide a free consultation to go over your ideas to help you determine what you really want and need.  If, at this point, you determine you would like to proceed with IRD&D, then we start the process of pulling your ideas together.

For new construction my fee includes a preliminary plan which would be the main floor, the second floor (if applicable) and a front elevation.  The preliminary is the first step.  After you have had a bit to digest the preliminary we would then meet to 'red line' the plans and I would take those notes and update the preliminary with those changes.  That would be the first revision.  Three revisions are included in my plan fee for new construction. 


A plan set for new construction consists of all 4 exterior elevations, the foundation (basement/crawl/slab), the main floor, second floor (if applicable), roof plan, wall section, site plan & whatever else may be deemed necessary to procure a permit.  Plans drawn by INTEGRITY Residential Drafting & Design do not include HVAC layouts, electrical layouts, or interior elevations.

The Basic Concept of plan pricing for

Additions & Remodels


The process for a remodel or addition is a little different.  My fee for additions & remodels are based solely on an hourly rate.  First the original structure must be measured and photographed to gain the necessary information to draw the existing structure as it is and is referred to as the "as-built".  Then the addition or remodel is developed from the "as-built".  Only the exterior elevations affected will be part of the finished plan and the affected areas of the floor plan(s)

Addition/Remodel drawn for

Evergreen Custom Construction, Greenville, SC


Deck & Stair addition drawn for

Compass Homes, Greenville, SC


Deck extention/sun room drawn for

Compass Homes, Greenville, SC


Walk-in closet/Master Bath

extension drawn for

Compass Homes, Greenville, SC


A major addition/remodel for Evergreen Custom Construction - Reconfigured interior and added a second floor.


Reno by Evergreen Custom Construction just off of the popular Augusta road area. 


A big master bedroom/laundry/mud addition with a kitchen expansion and relocation of an existing garage.  The homeowner bought the property for $725,000 and put $650,000 in the reno and sold it for $1,802,000.  That's a $427,000 profit for the home owner!!!

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